Vintage Doll Porcelain

Item Length > 12 In (1/2)

  • 10 Inch Antique French Doll Petite Francaise By Jules Verlingue
  • Vintage Mattel 1986 Blue Rhapsody Barbie Doll Porcelain Limited Edition
  • 1940's 5 Vintage Dolls Ruth Gibbs'godeys March Family' Little Women' 7& 12
  • Antique German Porcelain Half Doll Joyous Lady Arms Away Wire Base
  • Harlequin Jester Clown Doll Mardi Gras Porcelain Lot
  • Antique 12 China Shoulder Head Doll With Porcelain Head, Arms And Legs
  • Vintage 1997 Galoob Her Imperial Highness Anastasia Special Edition Doll Nib
  • Vtg. Ideal Tiny Tears Baby Porcelain Doll With Pink Case, Clothing & Accessories
  • Native American Vintage Doll. Sleepy Eyes By Porcelain Images Doll Studio. 12
  • John John Jfk Jr Farewell Salute Danbury Mint Porcelain Doll Elke Hutchens New
  • Antique German Porcelain Head Doll China Head 12 In Great Wooden Limbs Boots
  • Vintage 1990 Mattel Sophisticated Lady Barbie Porcelain Mib! Collector's Doll Ec