Vintage Doll Porcelain

China (1/29)

  • Vintage Bisque Head Shoulders Porcelain China Doll Black Hair, Blue Eyes 30
  • Antique Flattop China Doll 18
  • Rare Elegant 18 Kestner Lady China With Braided Bun Exquisite Beige Fashion Gown
  • Antique German 19 Kling Dresden Parian Male Doll Styled As Female China Doll
  • Early Antique Kister German Porcelain China Dolls Head
  • Antique German China Doll Porcelain Head With Wooden Arms And Legs Blue Eyes 10
  • Vintage Antique Reproduction 13 China Head Highland Mary Withexposed Ears
  • Antique Large China Shoulder Head Girl Doll Old Prairie Dress 34 Tall 1880s
  • Antique/vintage China Head 7 Peddler Doll
  • Very Early Pink Tint Covered Wagon China Head Doll Antique Fashion Clothing 15
  • Lovely Antique China Head Doll 15 With Brush Strokes Around Face
  • Vintage 21 German Porcelain China Head Doll Pink Hair Bow Silver Dollar City Mo