Vintage Doll Porcelain

Large (1/8)

  • Exquisite Large Parian Porcelain Headed Antique Doll On A Kid Body 22 Inch/56cm
  • Large Antique Victorian Porcelain Doll's Head 5 With Black Hair
  • Antique Large Size Porcelain China Doll Head Dorothy Germany
  • Antique Wonderful Large Flapper Half Lady 5 1/2 Half Lady Doll What A Doll
  • Antique German Victorian Large Porcelain China Head Doll Shoulderhead
  • Large Vintage Antique 25 German Porcelain Jointed Body Blue Glass Eye Doll Rare
  • Very Large Vintage Porcelain Doll
  • Antique Frozen Charlotte Charlie Doll Large 16 Chubby Boy Porcelain Germany
  • Vintage Large Porcelain Harem Lady Dressel Kister C. 1910 Half Doll Related
  • Palmary Collection Large Porcelain Doll Sitting 26 Tall Numbered
  • Exceptional Antique German Large 5 Half-doll Porcelain China Dressel Kister
  • Large Antique Victorian Porcelain Doll's Head With Black Hair 8 X 5