Vintage Doll Porcelain

Head (1/15)

  • Antique Large Size Porcelain China Doll Head Dorothy Germany
  • Lot Of Vintage Clown Doll Porcelain Head With Painted Face And Bean Bag Body
  • Vintage Rare Googly Doll Bisque Head
  • Antique German China Head Doll With Porcelain Arms, Dress, Boots
  • 5 Antique Porcelain Head Dolls In O. K-am Googlys-googlies
  • Vintage Blonde China Head Doll Frances Davis Marked Body Beautifully Painted 17
  • Doll, Antique Porcelain Head, Marked Intaglioheubach Koppelsdorf, Germany, 1920
  • 7.5 Antique Porcelain German Made China Doll Head & Limbs Flat Top #sa
  • Antique German Victorian Large Porcelain China Head Doll Shoulderhead
  • 19 Antique German Porcelain Bisque Parian China Head Doll Cloth Body
  • 14 Antique Porcelain German Made China Head Kling Blonde Parian Painted Face #a
  • 16.5 Antique Porcelain German China Head Contag Boheme 1880-90 High Brow #a