Vintage Doll Porcelain

Dress (1/11)

  • Antique Porcelain 11 Head, Hands & Leather Body Doll 18tall Linen & Lace Dress
  • Very Rare 7.5 Early Ca 1850 China Doll With Covered Wagon Hairstyle Orig Dress
  • Very Rare 7.25 Early Ca 1860-70 China Doll With Unusual Hairstyle Orignal Dress
  • Rare! Antique 1860s Porcelain Doll 24# With Silk Dress
  • Antique Early China Head Flat Top Flowing Brown Dress
  • Antique German Porcelain China Head Lady 20 Doll Elaborate Dress Apple Cheeks
  • Antique China Doll German Civil War Era High Brow Original Outfit Dress 10.5
  • Cabbage Patch Kids African American Popcorn Hair-rare Porcelain Cpk Dress
  • Great, Large, Vintage Half Doll, Flapper Girl On Old Wired Dress Form Base, 14 H
  • Great, Large, Vintage Half Doll Lamp, Flapper Girl, Old Wired Dress Form Base, 15.5
  • Vintage Porcelain Kewpie K. Kestner With Antique Dress Hat N° 4/0 O'neill F 1913
  • Vintage Antique Ceramic Porcelain Head Hands Feet Doll Leather Body Silk Dress