Vintage Doll Porcelain

Doll (1/174)

  • Antique Porcelain 11 Head, Hands & Leather Body Doll 18tall Linen & Lace Dress
  • Antique Large 8 Kling China Doll Head Blonde Male Mold 203 13 Germany
  • 25.5 Inch China Head Doll Antique
  • Very Rare 7.5 Early Ca 1850 China Doll With Covered Wagon Hairstyle Orig Dress
  • Antique Huge 26 China Head Doll Jenny Lind Conta & Boehme Withstunning Molding
  • Armand Marseille Antique German Bisque Porcelain Head Dimple Chin Doll
  • Outstanding Large German Antique Male China Doll By'kling
  • Very Rare 7.25 Early Ca 1860-70 China Doll With Unusual Hairstyle Orignal Dress
  • Rare Antique German 17 Brush Strokes Exposed Ears China Head Child Girl Doll
  • Antique German Porcelain Bisque Doll Baby Head Body Legs Arms Body Parts Lot #2
  • Antique German 19 Alt Beck & Gottschlack Abg 1008 Curly Hair Blonde China Doll
  • Antique Armand Marseille A5m Germany 390 Porcelain Doll Toy Human Hair 60cm