Vintage Doll Porcelain

Body (1/6)

  • Antique Porcelain Dollhouse Doll Body, Bisque, 4.5 / 11,43 Cm
  • Antique Porcelain/china Hertwig Bertha Pet Name Doll, Fabric Body, Germany 21
  • Antique Porcelain Kling China Head Doll, 21 Black Hair Cloth Body #189
  • Lot Of Vintage Clown Doll Porcelain Head With Painted Face And Bean Bag Body
  • Vintage Blonde China Head Doll Frances Davis Marked Body Beautifully Painted 17
  • 19 Antique German Porcelain Bisque Parian China Head Doll Cloth Body
  • Large Vintage Antique 25 German Porcelain Jointed Body Blue Glass Eye Doll Rare
  • Maryse Nicole Madeline Vintage 1990 Full Body Porcelain Doll Mein Liebling
  • 23 Antique Ruth Hertwig German Porcelain China Head Coth Body Doll
  • 20 Antique Porcelain German Made China Head Replaced Body Beautiful Dress #sa
  • Antique Franz Schmidt 19 Porcelain Baby Doll Composition Body
  • Marianne De Nunez Porcelain Head Kid Body 1975 Doll